Complete conversational English audio course

Adventures of Tom Sawyer complete English audio course (Low-intermediate)

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Develop your ear and your ability to hear and understand spoken English with this low–intermediate audio course. Specially designed so that you can learn by listening without the need for textbooks or grammar lessons, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an enjoyable way to learn by listening to stories. Just as when listening to a story in your own language, your mind naturally connects the words with images conjured in your head, helping you retain the information and learn English faster. You can also simulate a conversation using a questions and answers technique. Put your textbooks away and have fun while you learn English the easy way — with our Adventures of Tom Sawyer complete English audio course.

The low-intermediate audio course called Adventures of Tom Sawyer includes:

-66 illustrated lessons

-Over 10 hours of colorful audio

-Full written transcripts for every lesson

-100% money back guarantee