Free trial for Advanced-intermediate ESL course

A Free trial from Huckleberry Finn - Advanced Intermediate

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This chapter 1 free trial includes the story and the first 5 lessons from the Huckleberry Finn complete conversational English audio course (Advanced-Intermediate).  Also included are the complete written transcripts for the first chapter.  It is highly recommended to read through the story or lesson you are on and look up any words you do not know before you start to listen.  Then, it is recommended to listen to each story or lesson as many times as it takes to understand most of it (90-95%), before moving on to the next lesson.  Repetition is key, so I suggest listening to each lesson 30-60 times, but a little every day, not all at once.  If you can answer the simple questions in each lesson, you are paying enough attention.  The context that the story provides allows your brain to acquire common verbal phrases and patterns in a natural way and when you learn naturally, you learn FASTER!  After you listen to each lesson, I suggest going back and listening to the entire chapter.  I suspect that you will be surprised at how well you understand it.  

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