My Story

My name is David and I am the founder of  I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, but currently live in Puerto Rico.  When I moved to Puerto Rico and met my wife, I only knew about two words in Spanish, so I decided that it was time to learn another language. 

Well, I decided to learn to speak Spanish by studying vocabulary and grammar through various computer courses that use traditional teaching methods.  This was a huge mistake because, although I was learning grammar, I was not learning how to think, hear, or speak in Spanish.  Next, I decided that I needed to spend a lot of money to attend a language school for learning Spanish.  The language school reinforced my basic vocabulary, but once again, it did not teach me how to think, hear, or speak the Spanish language. 

After almost giving up on learning Spanish, I decided to change my method of learning.  I started listening to podcasts that utilized the question and answer format that I now promote, and my comprehension quickly started to improve.  Now, I am proud to present my own audio courses to help people learn to speak English much faster.  I hope that no one else ever makes the mistake of wasting their time and money the way I did.