<u>Huckleberry Finn</u> (advanced-intermediate complete course)

Huckleberry Finn (advanced-intermediate complete course)

Can you understand the English language at a basic level, but still find it difficult to speak in real-life situations? This course will help you learn the same common verbal phrases and patterns of speech as native speakers. If you can understand a basic level of English but want to bring your spoken English to a more advanced level, this course is for you.

If you have been trying to learn English for a long time and you still cannot speak fluently. I have great news for you. You are not the problem; the problem is that you are using the wrong learning methods.

Here’s the thing:

Traditional methods that focus on grammar are not effective ways to learn how to speak. There is a different and natural way to learn how to speak English, and when you learn naturally, you learn faster!

Why traditional methods fail?

Most students try to learn English by buying textbooks, studying grammar, and watching TV in English. But for most students, none of that works. 

-  Learning grammar does not effectively teach you how to speak 

-  Textbooks focus on passing tests, not speaking 

-  Watching TV is pointless if you do not understand most of what is being said 

What happens when you use the wrong methods? You will probably waste a lot of time and money and become very frustrated because you are not able to speak fluently. Sound familiar?

How I Discovered The Secret Of Learning to Speak a Foreign Language

Unfortunately, the hard way.

Like you, I am a language learner.  When I met my wife in Puerto Rico, I quickly realized that I would have to learn the Spanish language.  

At first, I decided to learn by using computer programs which focus on grammar.  When that did not work, I decided to spend a lot of money to attend a language learning school.  The problem was:

-  I still could not think in Spanish, I had to mentally translate everything

-  I still could not hear most of what Spanish speakers were saying

-  I still could not speak Spanish with native speakers

It was a disaster; I became so frustrated that I quit studying Spanish for an entire year.    

After almost giving up on learning Spanish, I decided to change my method of learning.  I started listening to podcasts that utilized the question-and-answer format that I now promote, and my comprehension quickly started to improve.  

I learned an important lesson the hard way.  It was not me; it was the method that I was using.  
Now, I am proud to present my own audio courses to help people learn to speak English much faster.  I hope that no one else ever makes the mistake of wasting their time and money the way I did.


Learn with your ears
not with your eyes!

Why did I start improving?

I was learning naturally, the same way that children learn.

How do children learn?

Surly, not by studying grammar, textbooks, or lists of vocabulary.

They learn by listening to common phrases and verbal patterns again and again, then they try to use them.  

Children learn with their ears, not with their eyes.  This is how to learn in a natural way.  

In short, what children and successful students do is listen a lot and then try to use common phrases in conversations.  

Of course, you could hire a private teacher/tutor, but …what if you had an audio designed specially to simulate a conversation?

Allow me to present…


The complete Advanced-intermediate audio course


Huckleberry Finn

I created this complete course so that no one else ever has to go through what I did.

Huckleberry Finn is NOT an audio book, it is a complete audio course packed with lessons that utilize the Q & A (conversation simulator) and different perspectives methods.

The lessons follow the famous and entertaining story of Huckleberry Finn. This story provides a rich context, and your brain loves context.  This context allows you to learn naturally.

With this complete course, you cannot fail


Speak from day one? INCLUDED

Learn all verbal tenses? INCLUDED

Learn to speak like a native? INCLUDED

Start speaking from DAY ONE with the


Do not worry.  It is not a machine that helps you practice your English:) 

It is a learning method used in the audio lessons that "simulates" conversations.  I call them Q & A lessons.

How does this "simulator" work? 

Very easy.  In the audio, I repeat a very small part of the story, then I ask a simple question about what you just heard. 

After each question, I pause:  it's now your turn to answer out loud

After you answer, I give you the correct answer. 

It's an ongoing process that makes you think more and more in English

This is a simple, but powerful method that helps you to automate your English.

In this course, there are 10 chapters that are all packed with lessons.  

As you progress through each chapter, your English begins to form part of you little by little.  You naturally think less and less in your mother tongue and more in English. 

It's the closest thing to practicing English with conversations!

Bonus! Now you can learn grammar

without studying grammar!

Learning grammar without studying grammar?  Yes, you have read it right!  The course also incorporates some exclusive lessons.

They are called different perspective Lessons.  At the end of each chapter, I review the main story using the different verbal tenses:  past, present, and future.  

This system works amazingly well.  It helps you use grammar in an intuitive way and without making errors. 

Therefore, you will not study grammar... However, you will learn grammar!  On an almost subconscious level.

It is the best complement to the "conversation simulator" lessons.

What’s the minimum level required for this 


If you are just starting and you do not have a basic vocabulary, please do not buy this course!

This course is perfect for you if you can listen and understand English at a basic level and want to bring your spoken English to a more advanced level of fluency.

You will learn to automate your English and speak more fluently and without mentally translating with the Q & A (conversation simulator) method.  

You can also read along with the written transcripts anytime you want.  

All of this is presented in an intuitive way and without the need to study grammar.
Don’t take my word for it, check out what some of my students say!

Luz Eneida Sanabria

When I listened to the course, I really enjoyed it because it kept me interested and looking forward to finding out what was going to happen next (chapter by chapter) because the story continues to the end.  I always answered all the questions automatically.  The course also helped me to discover new vocabulary because when I heard a new word (even if I sometimes I could figure out by context) I searched the meaning of it, just to make sure that I understand. Definitively I highly recommend this ESL method.

Luz Eneida Sanabria
Jason González

“I want to talk about my experience with professor Raczynski’s English audio course.  It has greatly helped me to understand complete sentences in English.  The thing I like most is that everything is in English and it is easy to understand.”

Jason González
René Rosado

“Excellent conversational teaching method for learning the English language.  It is simple, easy, practical, and produces quick results.”

René Rosado
Yadiel Nieves

“I like the stories.”

Yadiel Nieves

-The Advanced-intermediate package-
This is exactly what you will get with

Huckleberry Finn


This complete course is based on the famous and entertaining book, Huckleberry Finn.  Included with this complete course:

- 10+ hours of professional audio lessons in MP3 format.  Now, you can bring your lessons anywhere.  I personally like to learn while driving, cooking, or exercising.

- 10 Chapters full of Q & A (conversation simulator) lessons that will bring your English to a fluent level much faster.  

- Advanced different perspective lessons at the end of each chapter.  These lessons will expose you to the different verbal tenses and you will learn grammar naturally, without the need to study. 

-Enjoy your lessons on any device that supports mp3: smart phone, tablet, Mp3 player, computer, cd, etc.

-222 pages of Complete written transcripts in pdf format for the main story and all lessons.

 - FREE BONUS! Free full access to the LearningEnglishFaster.com Group!  An exclusive Facebook community for LearningEnglishFaster.com students.  You can interact with and learn with myself and other students around the world.  You will not be alone in mastering English!

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Still not sure?

No Worries, this product comes with a 
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I am ready to prove everything I claim.  Buy this audio course right now and see for yourself.  If within the next 30 days it does not live up to what I have claimed here, I don’t want your money.  I will give you every penny back without any hassles.  I am that confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this course.

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I look forward to personally guide you through the course material and help you bring your English to the next level. We can do it together!  

Thank you, David

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