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Founder:  Dr. David Raczynski

Press Phone:  (787) 354-2846


Purpose of this press release:  To introduce a new and better way to learn how to speak the English language. 

"90% of students cannot speak English"
This is because traditional methods that involve studying grammar do not work. The good news is that the problem is not the student, it is the method.

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The Method

Learning English Faster is an English language learning program that helps individuals learn how to speak the language in a highly efficient way. Learning a new language, especially when you are an adult is never easy. Most people do not even have time to invest in it. The program uses a simplified yet effective method that allows people to learn the new language alongside their daily work. Learning English faster utilizes a method of learning that is as natural as the way that children learn languages. Without all the hassle of learning and memorizing grammar and vast vocabulary, this method allows individuals to learn the language naturally by connecting common verbal phrases and patterns to the context found in stories. Learning English Faster offers two complete courses based on famous American classics by Mark Twain. They also have a Facebook group where the learners can meet others who are also learning to speak English. Additionally, the program has a free weekly podcast episode every Wednesday. In the free ESL conversational English podcast, short stories are used to give the brain the context that it needs to learn naturally by painting a vivid picture in the mind. In intervals, learners are asked simple questions so that they can answer and practice their speaking ability in a way that simulates a conversation. Learning English Faster is founded by Dr. David Raczynski, who is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Now based in Puerto Rico, he had a bad experience while learning Spanish. That incident drove him to create a program to help people who are trying to learn English in a way that actually works. This program has helped many students to learn how to speak English more efficiently.

Method Advantages:

  • -Learn naturally as children do and much faster.
  • -Learn while you do other things like driving, cooking, exercising, etc.
  • -Stories provide the context your mind needs to remember efficiently.
  • -Story lessons are much more enjoyable than traditional learning methods.
  • -Never waste time studying grammar or vocabulary.

Method disadvantages:

  • -A basic vocabulary of 250-500 words is a prerequisite.
  • -Method does not focus on writing.

The complete courses:

While the free podcasts are a great place to start, the complete courses are superior because they offer much more context, and the lessons are all a continuation of the same story. It is important to understand that the complete courses are NOT audio books, they are audio courses. These audio courses are made up of lessons that utilize the simple but powerful question and answer and different perspective methods. These two methods give the brain everything that it needs to learn how to think, hear, and speak in the English language. Once a student has a basic vocabulary of 250-500 words, he/she is ready for the low-intermediate course called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This course will develop vocabulary and help to acquire the ability to hear and understand spoken English. Once a student can understand English at a basic level, he/she is ready for the advanced-intermediate course called Huckleberry Finn. This course will increase the ability to recognize and use common phrases and verbal patterns. Through repetition, the level of comprehension and ability to speak fluently develops. The two stories are about the adventures of two young boys growing up along the mighty Mississippi River. Chapter one of each course is free to download as a free trial. Before the lessons, each chapter starts with part of the main story. When listening to the main story, it is suggested to just relax and enjoy the story while you try to paint a picture of what is happening in your mind. Learners can give it a try with a small audio clip from the main story of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


Jason González

“I want to talk about my experience with Professor Raczynski’s English audio course. It has greatly helped me to understand complete sentences in English.  The thing I like the most is that everything is in English and it is easy to understand.”

René Rosado

“Excellent conversational teaching method for learning the English language.  It is simple, easy, practical, and produces quick results.”

Yadiel Nieves

“I like the stories.”