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90% of students can't speak English

Let’s be honest, traditional English courses do not work.  The good news is that the problem is not the student, it is the method.

Studying grammar and vocabulary lists simply are not good ways to learn how to speak. 

The better news is that you can learn much faster and in a more enjoyable and convenient way using stories, because they provide context and your brain loves context. 

As you listen to a story, your mind naturally creates an image and connects common vocabulary and language patterns to it.

The question and answer method allows you to simulate a conversation in your mind, while the different perspective method exposes you to all the grammar you will ever need. 

Comments from real people

Jason González

“I want to talk about my experience with Professor Raczynski’s English audio course. It has greatly helped me to understand complete sentences in English.  The thing I like the most is that everything is in English and it is easy to understand.”

René Rosado

“Excellent conversational teaching method for learning the English language.  It is simple, easy, practical, and produces quick results.”

Yadiel Nieves

“I like the stories.”


Level 1 - Beginner

Learn a basic vocabulary

At this level, you simply need to to develop a basic vocabulary of 250 – 500 common words.  If you can understand the main idea here, you are ready for level 2.  If not, I recommend free online programs or even simple flashcards. You can also start listening to some of the free podcasts you can find at learningenglishfaster.com

Level 2 - Low-Intermediate

Develop your English ear

You have a basic vocabulary, so you are ready to start developing your ear or your ability to hear and understand spoken English.  The fastest way to do this is by listening and using methods such as questions and answers, which simulate a conversation.  You are ready for the low-intermediate audio course called Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Level 3 - Advanced-intermediate

The road to fluency

You can now listen and understand English at a basic level, so you are ready to continue developing your ear.  Through repetition, your ability to recognize common patterns of speech will increase your comprehension and your ability to speak fluently.  You are ready for the advanced-intermediate audio course called Huckleberry Finn.    


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The Adventure Starts Here

Enjoy hours and hours of rich audio lessons in story format.  THESE COURSES ARE NOT AUDIO BOOKS, but lessons in story format which utilize the rapid-learning methods of questions and answers to simulate a conversation, and different perspectives to expose the student to different grammatical tenses.  The 2 courses are based on 2 classics from the famous American author, Mark Twain.  As you progress through the colorful stories, you will be exposed to a wide variety of common verbal patterns, and your understanding will increase naturally.  You will remember what you learn much FASTER because the stories provide the context your brain needs to learn naturally, the same way children learn to hear and speak.

Method Advantages

- Learn naturally as children do and much faster.
- Learn while you do other things like driving, cooking, exercising, etc.
- Stories provide the context your mind needs to remember efficiently.
- Story lessons are much more enjoyable than traditional learning methods.
- Never waste time studying grammar or vocabulary.

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